Tuesday, March 27, 2007


We were at the Renaissance Festival a couple weeks ago and Ben took this picture of Nathaniel and Liesel with the Cardinal. Kind of goofy I know but it's the only recent picture I have of Nathaniel!

I have been feeling so disconnected from everyone lately and we miss all of you. Sometimes it feels like we are living on the edge of the earth out here on Maricopa. We are so distanced from everyone. Ben is rarely home and I feel rather isolated at times, but life does go on even out here in the Boondocks! Here is a little of what has been happening!

The other night Annika woke up crying in the night and we assumed it was a nightmare since she often gets them. But the next morning I noticed her right hand was red and very swollen. Apparently she was bit by a spider. We spent all day looking for it. Finally that night about 12:30 AM just after Ben got home from work(Yes...after midnight!) we saw a giant spider scurrying across the floor. I was so glad Ben was here to be my knight in shining armor and slay the hideous beast! Annika had also burned her left hand on a lightbulb the same day and got a blister. And just days before was stung by a bee. It seems that between Annika and Elora there is always some little crisis going on!

Here are the girls with our (Now Dead) pet turtle Fred. The kids were so thrilled that Dad FINALLY bought them a pet. We tried so hard to keep him alive, doing everything we were supposed to but I guess we were not meant to have pets. It was a sad day. Everyone cried and cried.

We went to the Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago. Here's Liesel with a Turkey drumstick.

Elora has discovered the joys of making messes. This was her first book mess back in January. Toys are now boring compared to what is nicely displayed on a shelf or hiding in a cupboard. Last night she dumped potatoe flakes all over the pantry and this morning unrolled a whole roll of paper towels. She is so energetic and busy. She has quite the sense of humor!
Elora has also come down with some terrible sicknesses the last few months. One week she threw up for 5 days. It was so scary! We are wondering if there is something about Maricopa. All the moms in our ward agree that they have never seen so much sickness in their families since moving here!
Sorry this is kind of a hodge podge but and I am just figuring out how to do this!