Sunday, April 25, 2010

February 2010

In February my Grandma Sevey turned 90 so we took a trip to Arizona for the celebration. This picture is at the end of the night and I think she was a bit worn out. She was watching a slide show on the TV and I don't think she realized we were getting our picture taken with her! She is a wonderful Grandma and has so many wonderful traits that I admire. She is so resilient and a hard worker. She and Grandpa farmed together. She has done an incredible amount of genealogy work and is so knowledgeable about the work she has done. She also continues to sew and crochet even though her hands are very shaky! I have some wonderful things she made for me over the years like dolls, baby quilts and a beautiful wedding quilt. She is an intelligent, talented, hard-working lady.

Last year in March 2009 my Oma Bielefeldt turned 90. Here she is in the picture below with my kids. I admire my Oma (which is German for Grandma)too! She has so much enthusiasm for life and is so very creative and fun! She was an elementary school teacher and was a special education teacher for many years. She has so many fun stories to tell. She spoiled her grand kids and it was always exciting to go visit her and Opa. She was always making us things or doing sewing and craft projects with us! And she was the best cook! I love my Oma!
These two intelligent, accomplished women are such examples to me of faith, hard work, and dedication. I am glad I was named after both of them. My creative Dad combined their two names together Margaret and Dessie and came up with Marsie which is why I have the unusual spelling. I really miss my Grandpas who passed away several years ago but I am glad I still get to have my grandmothers around.

While in Arizona we also got to spend some time on my sister, Beth's, farm. There were lots of spring babies to hold. The kids loved it!

Below: Elora, Liesel, Felicity (in the back) Elsa, Nate, Samantha, Allyson, Annika

Below is my niece, Felicity. I thought this was too cute of her holding the little goat that matched her outfit. : )