Wednesday, January 12, 2011

July 2010-Mt.Charleston

One of our favorite things we have found to do since moving to Vegas is taking a day trip up to Mt. Charleston. It's about 20 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain and it's just beautiful in the summer. We had Jacob and Susie and Elsa and Robin visiting us on Fourth of July weekend so we took a trip up on Saturday to get out of the heat and have a picnic. The kids had so much fun playing in the stream, hiding out in forts, playing with lady bugs, and discovering fairy dwellings.

July 2010-Independence Day Fireworks

To celebrate Independence Day, the men and boys bought a few fireworks to put on our own show in front of our house.

It was so much fun having my brother Jacob and sister-in-law Susie here to celebrate the Fourth with us. We had the best time and we were so glad too that they had brought cousins Robin and Elsa with them! The kids had a blast!

So much excitement!

Little one year old James went around with a flashlight pretending it was a lighter and that he was starting his own fireworks. He made us laugh!

On the Fourth of July, we climbed a hill at a park near our house to watch the fireworks. We had a great view of firework shows going on all around us. I think other people up there were jealous that we had brought popcorn and water. We overheard comments like "I'm so thirsty."and "I smell popcorn." We probably could have made some good money selling ours!

Susie and I enjoyed the show with the kids while Ben and Jacob worked on getting the keys out of Jacob's car which he locked in with the lights on too! Poor guys missed out on all the fun!

June 2010-Father's Day

June 2010- Liesel's 9th Birthday

Sunday, January 9, 2011

May 2010 Dance Recital

The girls were so adorable in their dance recital. They all LOVE to dance. Elora was so cute (and such a character) as a little monkey dancer!

Liesel was perfect as a flapper girl!

Annika, who loves all girl-ish things was so bright and animated dancing to the song"I Enjoy Being a Girl"!

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Missy and their four girls were here visiting. It was so fun to have them here to watch the girls perform.

May 2010 Pinewood Derby

Last year Nathaniel designed his pinewood derby car as a banana and won every race plus he won an award for the most original design..

This year he decided to go with another yellow object...a pencil..and you would think a pencil shape would be more arrow-dinamic and go even faster than a banana but apparently not! He still won again for having the most original design. That is what he cares about most anyway!


May 2010 Elora's 4th Birthday

Elora got to have her sweet cousins Kennedy and Riley join us for her 4th birthday party. We also had the scouts and their families coming and going for their Pinewood Derby weigh-in. So we had a very full house that night with lots of activity and Elora loved all the extra kids to play with. It was like having a great big party!

Two brothers...a little cute

May 2010 Annika's 6th Birthday

Annika had a busy, day full of fun the day she turned six.

That morning...

Annika was so excited to get a Barbie Mermaid which she had begged for. In the afternoon...

We took cupcakes to school to celebrate with her kindergarten class.

That evening....
We were so lucky to have our cousins, the Nunleys, with us. After a fun party, the boys all slept out on the trampoline and the girls all snuggled down together in the girls room.