Wednesday, June 1, 2011

October 2010

My parents came to visit so we took them to Spring Mountain and discovered that water does exist in Las Vegas after all!

Halloween with cousins is always fun! We went to Arizona for Halloween since we had a few days off school. We also got to celebrate James' birthday while we were there.

James and his cousin(my brother Eric's daughter) Alice , were born a few days apart so it was fun to celebrate their 2nd birthday's together.

September 2010-School Starts

Annika 1st grade

Liesel 4th grade

Nathaniel 6th grade (Middle School)

August 2010 - Legoland/ California

We had so much fun in San Diego, playing at the beach, going to Legoland, seeing the San Diego temple, and visiting the Mormon Batallion visitors center. This is a mix of pictures from our trip. They're mostly not in any particular order, just a bunch of random pictures I liked from our trip.

This was a giant replica of a shark egg. Can you guess the names of these baby sharks?

James has the power!

Liesel and Nathaniel love the waves!

Ben got swept away by a huge wave and lost his sunglasses. We kept looking for them but the ocean is a big place!

We tried to color coordinate so we wouldn't loose each other at Legoland. It really did help.

This was Annika's favorite ride! She rode it 3 times while everyone else went on a roller coaster!

The miniature USA made out of Legos is pretty amazing!

We wish we had this tree in our backyard. It would be great for building a tree house!