Wednesday, June 1, 2011

August 2010 - Legoland/ California

We had so much fun in San Diego, playing at the beach, going to Legoland, seeing the San Diego temple, and visiting the Mormon Batallion visitors center. This is a mix of pictures from our trip. They're mostly not in any particular order, just a bunch of random pictures I liked from our trip.

This was a giant replica of a shark egg. Can you guess the names of these baby sharks?

James has the power!

Liesel and Nathaniel love the waves!

Ben got swept away by a huge wave and lost his sunglasses. We kept looking for them but the ocean is a big place!

We tried to color coordinate so we wouldn't loose each other at Legoland. It really did help.

This was Annika's favorite ride! She rode it 3 times while everyone else went on a roller coaster!

The miniature USA made out of Legos is pretty amazing!

We wish we had this tree in our backyard. It would be great for building a tree house!

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susan said...

Color coordinating was a great idea! It makes family pictures turn out better too. Your family is beautiful!!