Sunday, June 29, 2008

I Hope They Call Me on a Mission

The kids had Primary Activity Day yesterday where they went on pretend missions. I have to give credit to our primary presidency for making it so very REALISTIC. First of all they sent the kids postcards in the mail telling them where the mission call was to, etc. Nathaniel got called to Massachussettes, Liesel to Germany(which whe was very excited about since Ben went there) and Annika to Washington. Here are two conversations I had with the kids.

Nathaniel(quietly): "Mom...(long pause) are these missions calls where we will really go when we go on a mission?"

And later, Liesel who hadn't heard our conversation was telling me how excited she was that she gets to go to Germany on her mission. I said to her, "You know these aren't where you are going for real though, right?" Her response was priceless. Her jaw dropped a little and then "Huh??!" she exclaimed and finally she giggled at herself.

Elora's Loving Nature

Elora was so happy riding along while dragging this doll's head on the floor at our friends house the other day. It was quite disturbingly, funny. Umm... do you think I am going to need to watch her closely when the new baby is born! She really does love baby dolls though and is usually very soft and gentle with them. She also is quite entranced when she sees a real baby. She is such a loving little thing. She give the best, tight hugs. I am always amazed how strong she can squeeze for being such a tiny, skinny little thing. She hadn't been to Nursery for three weeks with being sick and Stake Conference one week. She was so excited to go today. She ran in and went right to her teacher and gave her a hug! She LOVES nursery. She is always asking me "Toys, Class?"

Baby Number 5?

We are all (especially Nathaniel!) very excited that we will be having a baby BOY this fall! Nathaniel feels like he has waited forever to get a brother! He is so cute about it looking for names in the baby name book. He just beams with happiness whenever we talk about the baby boy.

And I don't know why but I like the idea of beginning and ending our family with a boy. The baby is due November 3rd.

While I was sitting helping Liesel at the piano the other day Elora climbed up on the chair behind me and she is such a little monkey and climbs all over us all the time and so I didn't notice her at first saying over and over "Baby?... Baby?" while lifting up my shirt looking at my back. When I finally noticed what she was doing I pointed to my portruding belly and told her that no the baby is in here. She let out a big laugh as if so relieved to have finally found the baby and patted my tummy saying "Baby...Baby."